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I moved.

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I'm a busy little freelance writer! And podcaster!

First off, the 3rd MelodyTrip.com podcast is online. This one's about Country Thunder and this weekend I'll be out at the McDowell Mountain Music Festival.

Download the podcast here.

Just page all the way down to where it says in small print "attachments" and you can click on that and download the MP3 of the podcast. We're working on the technical stuff so the podcast becomes a LOT more prominent and so I can post my crazy Country Thunder photos.

Wanna see the Country Thunder Photos? They're right here at my Webshots.com album. While you're there, you may as well check out my entertainment post, whichever one is currently in the rotation. Bookmark the URL and check back for changes.

It's very seldom I pimp all my stuff at once, so here you go. This will help keep you up on what I'm up to as a workin' gal.

Here's a little discussion on Suite101.com I started and would hope you'll join in... Is it PAST time for the N word to go or what?

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Politicians and joking

I really like this video and I think it makes a good point:

But can we just remind our politicians that they just aren't good at making ANY jokes, whether they are trying to or not? I think President Bush is actually funnier when he isn't trying to be funny. It's when he's trying to make a joke that he just isn't funny. He usually screws up the delivery. I don't think Kerry was joking either. That's a bunch of crap. I think Kerry meant to say what he said. Kerry has never been funny. He's just John Kerry without a sense of humor like he's always been.

I also think what he said had some truth to it, but was also pretty untrue. I do think there is a segment of society that does end up in the armed forces because it's their last stop. I think a lot of kids end up in the service because they didn't fit anywhere else because of their social and economic background. They didn't do well in school, they lived in a town with crappy jobs and they needed money. I think the armed forces serve that segment of society.

But I'd be interested in finding out just how many enter the service just because it's a last ditch effort and they feel like there is nothing else for them. It's probably not the majority at all.

Everyone enters a branch of service by choice -- so what brings a person to that decision? I think a lot of people join the service because they want a military career that will lead to a career in law enforcement, medicine, or aviation. It's a great way to begin a career that would be otherwise too expensive to start as a civilian. Just because Kerry was privileged and got great grades so he could get into Yale (like Bush) doesn't mean everyone should be held to the same standards or be sent to the Army...which isn't the case. He just made it sound that way. Lame.


If you can't hang now that Flavor of Love is over...

Here's a little tidbit to hold you over until New York stars in her own show...

Just in case you didn't know...


Is Beyonce coked out?

That's what April says anyway...saw her on some show and said she looked coked out. Blames Jay-Z. I dunno...I'm still broken up about what has happened to Whitney Houston, so if Beyone IS in fact coked out, then I have chosen the position of denial.

Meanwhile...a little bird told me Ricky Henderson's house in all-white-tukee looks like a bottle of pepto blew up inside of it. Sounds like Ricky lost the battle of the paint to his wife and daughters. It's OK, Ricky, we still know you're a man's man. I grew up as an A's fan and I KNOW!

I think I might have to start watching this show.


Chad Vader is good enough for Good Morning America

The geeks who created this made the big time, premiering this episode right here on Good Morning America:

I'll let them explain:


This explains a lot about Paris Hilton.

But you should have already assumed she may just be a pothead. That would explain her recent admission that she's not too smart and also forgetful. With her vast fortune and free time combined with her celebrity status, there's no doubt in my mind Ms. Hilton has been exposed to a variety of "lifestyle temptations" in her day.

So is this a bag of weed in her overly-priced handbag? Do we care? Does it make her a better or worse person? Does this now mean she -- behind closed doors -- wears Birkenstocks (the horror!) and hemp and smokes a fattie while listening to Jack Johnson and Sublime and rolling her celebutante fatties on top of a High Times magazine? Will her next fashion look be Santa Cruz chic? A hoody, a long skirt and some beads? Will she pull a McConaughey and take a trip to Berkeley to play bongos naked in the drum circle? Will she join Jimmy Buffett and tell us to Save The Manatee? Will she become a true dirty hippie and stop bathing? Shop at Whole Foods? Go vegan? Tout the wonderful facts Al Gore speaks of in his film An Inconvenient Truth?

I would rather enjoy a stoned hippie version of Paris...wouldn't that be refreshing? Dreadlocks and rastafarianism? Ok. Now I'm getting carried away.

A vapid heiress who can't even help checking out her own knockers...

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The one and only...is he Paris' inspiration for the current contents of her purse?

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